AryaLinux partial builds

Partial builds of AryaLinux are helpful if you want to create a completely customizable system starting from a bare minimum. For instance if you download and install AryaLinux from the Live Medium ISO then it would result in a system complete with Gnome desktop environment and applications. Such a system might serve to be a good desktop system but would not qualify to be installed in a server. For that you need a system that comes without X-Server and desktop environment and with a different set of applications running. In order to facilitate this we provide partial builds of AryaLinux.

There are three partial builds of AryaLinux. Each can be used for a different purpose:

All the partial builds come with alps. So installation of applications from AryaLinux repository is as easy as firing the alps install command by chrooting into the partial build.

If you want to know how to build on top of a partial build see here.