How to install AryaLinux

If you just want to install and run AryaLinux on your system then please follow the steps below. In case you want to build your own system from scratch or you want to build on top of a partial build read this and this

Downloading AryaLinux

Download the DVD ISO Image of AryaLinux Live Gnome from the downloads section.

Preparing boot medium

If you have a UEFI System(Please check your BIOS for the same) then use dd command to build a bootable pen drive or burn the ISO image onto a DVD to create a bootable DVD. If your system boots in legacy mode instead of UEFI mode then you can do the same as above or use unetbootin to create a live USB medium. The usage of dd command is as follows. Please note that dd can be destructive if not used with care. Please choose the name of destination device with care. This must be the device name of the pen drive:

dd if=aryalinux-gnome-1.0-x86_64-fixed.iso of=/dev/sdb status=progress
dd would take a while to finish writing the ISO. Even after dd completes, please wait for about 3 mins before plugging out or ejecting the pen drive. Please wait for the pen-drive's LED to indicate that no writing is being done before pulling it out. Waiting for about 3 mins should be enough. Now reboot and while the system is booting up, hit the hot key that brings up the boot menu and choose the boot medium that we just created. You might see two options if you have both Legacy and UEFI mode enabled in BIOS. In case you want to boot in UEFI mode choose the appropriate option else choose the option corresponding to Legacy boot.

Preparing the partitions

When the system boots up you would be presented the lightdm login screen with the default user (aryalinux) selected. Hit the Log In button and in a few seconds you should be at the desktop.

Before installing AryaLinux you should have at least one partition - the root partition ready for installation. A partition of size at least 25 GB should be enough. If you want you can have a separate partition for /home also though its optional(Please note that the / and the /home partitions are formatted before installation, so please backup any data that is present in them). You can gparted for modifying or creating partitions. GParted can be found in the Applications Menu at the top under System Tools.

Running the Installer

Once the partitions have been prepared, start the installer from Applications Menu -> Others -> AryaLinux Installer. The installer is pretty straightforward. Just keep on answering the questions that are presented in each screen and press next till you are at the final screen where the Finish button is presented. After the Finish button is pressed the installation starts off. The installation would take a while and once its done, you can exit the installer and reboot into the installed AryaLinux by choosing the appropriate option from the grub boot menu.

Presented below are the installer screens that are shown before the installation starts:

Applications Menu option showing AryaLinux Installer.

XFCE Applications Menu option showing AryaLinux Installer.

Device selection screen

Partition selection screen

User Details

Root user password

Locale and Keyboard layout selection

Time zone selection

Final Confirmation

Installation Starts

Installation Completes

GRUB after rebooting

LightDM user selection after installation

Desktop after logging in

N.B. You may not see your existing Operating Systems in the Grub menu. In that case boot into AryaLinux and open up a terminal and run the following command. That should resolve the issue:

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg