ALPS - Installing packages from URL of source tarballs
Please note that tarball in the article does not just mean tars and tar.gzs and tar.xzs and tar.bz2s but also zip files.

ALPS supports installing packages from source tarballs for those packages whose build scripts are not present in AryaLinux repositories. So if you try doing an alps install -p [some-package] and it fails, you may try installing the package from its source tarball if you have a URL for the same. The new option added to alps to achieve this is 'src-install'. The src-install command has the following format:

alps src-install [url]

You need to pass the URL of the source tarball instead of [url] and the package would be downloaded, built and installed. This option utilizes the -c and -O option of wget so if a partial download paused or failed in a previous attempt, downloaded would not be started from the beginning. The old tarball download would be resumed. This while reduces network usage, it also reduces time for download.

alps tries figuring out which build system is used by scanning the files inside the directory. The following systems can now be detected:

Once the build system is detected, its configured, built and installed.